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Le Chateaubriand's New English (Brassy) Sister

London, UK - Inaki Aizpitarte, the poster-boy of the French "bistronomy" movement and the apron behind the currently-ranked 27th best restaurant on the World's 50th Best Restaurants list for Le Chateaubriand, opened its first overseas restaurant in swanky Mayfair, London today to much fanfare and drooling anticipation. The English sibling is called Le Chabanais and its name is derived from a luxurious Belle-Epoque brothel and surely conjures up images of a dining experience that will excite all senses. And if the all-brass interiors paired with the occasional luxe-marble surface is anything to go by, it will undoubtedly be a feast for all known senses.

The brains behind the idea of possibly the world's first all-brass restaurant is Clement Blanchet who designed Le Chateaubriand's neighbour, Le Dauphin, but perhaps more importantly, he is the architect behind Rem Koolhaas’s 2006 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. When tasked by Varun Talreja, the Indian film producer who took over the spot last year, who didn't want the unwelcoming curtained façades that pervaded so many of its neighbours that gave Mayfair its famed snootiness, Blanchet came up with the brass idea because "[it] is very English, which reads as traditional, but it’s made contemporary by having so much of it,” according to an interview he did with Adam Robb of the New York Times. The cantilevered 30-foot marble bar breaks the metal monopoly and proves to be a show-stopper even from the streets. The architectural result is definitely one for the books where the focus on the interiors is as sharp as the focus on the food, which has already collected a plethora of accolades.

Le Chabanais

8 Mount Street, London W1K 3NF | +44 20 7491 7078

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