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The Three Faces Of Dom Perignon- Singapore

Singapore - Singapore is quickly becoming a beehive of activities especially where contemporary arts is concerned and Dom Perignon's commission of 3 Singaporean artists of different niches- of installation, of edible art and photography- in an exclusive event held at the F1 Pit Building on 29 April 2015 is a good testament to that. Dom Perignon is no stranger to such high-profiled commissions as any lay-bubbly drinker would know, having seen the distinctive reworking of their bottle through collaborations with famous contemporary artists and designers from Jeff Koons, Marc Newson and to the most recent Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

For this special Singapore partnership, artist Dawn Ng, pâtissière Janice Wong and photographer Yian Huang were invited to interpret 3 different vintages of Dom Perignon, namely Dom Perignon Vintage 2005, Dom Perignon Vintage Rosé 2003 and the Dom Perignon P2 Vintage 1998, in 3 representative colours and guests were invited to a display of playful, edible and poignant creativity. The 3 special showcases, Ng's installation aptly-named White, Wong's unique 'food pairing ceiling' and Huang's photo series called Fly For Me, blended harmoniously together as guests mingled around with an endless flow of the vintages the whole evening.

Speaking to Ng about her installation, Bespokcracy has gained a better insight to White itself and the inspiration behind it:

WHITE is a mesmerizing ocean of massive, voluminous white orbs encapsulated within an ethereal tent. Lit from within, a miasma of large circular shadows float and fall harmoniously behind a white, ceiling-to-wall gossamer veil, drawing viewers towards its mysterious domain. By pulling back the curtains, viewers are immersed in an elegant, shifting wonderland of larger than life balloons, each ranging up to 1 meter in diameter. These perfectly round, translucent globes bounce gently off each other and viewers, who drift through.

WHITE is a magical celebration of the champagne’s harmonious assemblage of different grape varieties, which is embodied in the playful buoyancy and unique travel path of each orb, which moves together to create a dense taste that is often described as physical due to its powerful presence. This white-on-white work stands as an immersive universe of perfectly balanced taste, which Dom Perignon’s Blanc de Blanc seeks to create.

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