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Ethan Low


Having parentage in both Hong Kong and Singapore means Ethan has been shuttling between Hong Kong and Singapore even before he could walk. This is possibly why Ethan thinks the gene for traveling is programmed into his DNA, whether he wanted it or not. A fully self-professed travel geek, he thinks the best training that his legal education has given him when applied to travel planning, is the ability to speed read travel guides. He has since been to over 60 countries on almost every continent and is continuing to provide his legendary travel planning services to the benefit of his travel companions (testimonials to come). His favourite district in the world is Östermalm in Stockholm with its urban archipelago living but always has a special place in his heart for Paris for her undying spirit to rejuvenate and reinvent- but always recognising that Asia will always be home.

Adaline Woo


Adaline's keen sense of wanderlust is borne out of inevitable cabin fever syndrome by being born and bred in the tiny island state of Singapore. It sure wasn't helped by the fact that the big fat carrot for aceing school back then came in the form of holiday trips to the most interesting of destinations. Adaline nurtured this unquenchable thirst for traveling throughout her life and at the peak of her travels, she visited a daunting 20-plus countries during her 6-month exchange programme in France. In her eventual quest to conquer the world, she has resolved to visit a new country or city every year and in this contiuning quest found Japan, Italy and South Africa to be her favourite countries to visit. As the resident travel researcher amongst her friends and family, she now brings her traveling planning skills with a most unique brand of passion to Bespokcracy.


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