Leg 3

The Balkans- Bosnia & Croatia (Day 5 -9)

 (from L to R, T to B) Franciscan Church of St. Anthony of Padua; Baščaršija; plague at the Sarajevo Museum signifying where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed; the stained glass ceiling of City Hall; the Latin Bridge over River Miljacka; Sarajevo Museum; Cathedral of Jesus's Scared Heart.


Getting around: the 45-min flight from Belgrade to Sarajevo on Air Serbia is priced at around 75 euros, as of Aug 2014, and there is only 1 flight a day. From Sarajevo to Dubrovnik a private car was arranged and there are a few companies online that provide this. Costs vary. Within Sarajevo and Dubrovnik, mainly by foot.


Where to stay: Hotel Central Sarajevo and Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

Ćumurija 8, Sarajevo | +387 33 561-800 | website

Masarykov put 20, Dubrovnik | +385 20 430 826 | website


What cannot be missed (Sarajevo): Sarajevo Museum 1878 - 1918 (which essentially acts as the Museum of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand). The event that propelled Sarajevo to the world stage is carefully related and curated in this small house which must hold more historial significance per square foot than most museums. Immerse yourself in the various artefacts and documents that led to and proceeded the infamous event and you will never feel like you are in 2015.

Zelenih beretki 1 | +387 33 533-288 | website


What cannot be missed (Dubrovnik): The Walls of Dubrovnik. Even if one's not a Game of Thrones fan, one can still be easily charmed by the grandiose beauty and yesteryear majesty of this incredibly well-maintained walled city. Buy a ticket and walk the perimeter of the whole city from atop and it will just be a non-stop stroll of "wow"s and "OMG"s, that much I can assure you that of.

Općina Dubrovnik


Spot of luxury: Restaurant Nautika. Utterly romantic, right by the walled city and overlooking the Adriatic waters. The food is way above average too but one cannot shake the feeling that this place has "marriage proposal" all over it.

Brsalje no. 3, Dubrovnik | +385 20 44 25 26 | website


Spot of cash:  Restaurand Orsan. Set in a marina with fresh, no-frills Dalmatian seafood caught right from the waters you are sitting by. It gets really busy and if you are sitting at the end of the restaurant, good luck to you. But the food is worth waiting for.

Ivana Zajca 2, Dubrovnik | +385 20 43 68 22 | website

Inside the Walls of Dubrovnik and an apt final sunset picture over Dubrovnik

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